The Dragon Lord’s Medallion

Discover the mysterious world of the mighty Dragon Lords, where warlocks and witches fled to during the dark ages. After several centuries Enchanters now control powerful crystals – the key to ultimate power.

Living an isolated life, where she is being researched for her abilities as an empath, Eoin isn’t comfortable with herself or the world around her. Her only personal possession – a family heirloom. When she unexpectedly learns the medallion’s origins, her uneventful life is thrown into chaos.

She finds herself in a new world filled with political intrigue and dark secrets. As she struggles to adapt, her ownership of the medallion means that she has become a pawn in a dangerous powerplay. Seeing it as her only means of returning home, she reluctantly agrees to participate in an Enchanter’s trial. Having to tame a feral dragon is the least of her problems, as the perilous journey reveals a disturbing connection between her family and the missing Dragon Lords.

Will she be able to navigate through a world of complex politics and heritage, without falling victim to them both?

Release date: Still to be announced