About the Author

My name is Mia L. Monza and “The Dragon Lord’s Medallion” is my first official novel. I have been writing for the past seven years, though most of my work has been released under another name and was free to read.

Though I have written several different genres from romance to horror, dark fantasy is the genre I enjoy the most and is what this series is. I have always had an overactive imagination and enjoy worldbuilding. I love the dark fantasy genre and am truly in awe of the many brilliant authors out there. Though I try not to take to much inspiration from other authors, their contribution to this genre remains a motivator for me. And for me the authors that impress me are not limited to those authors, who write novels, but also video games and screenplays has been a catalyst that made me believe this was possible. My thanks goes out to all the brilliant authors that have been a motivator and an inspiration to me.

In my own works, I focus on creating worlds that are not black and white. I want to create choices that are hard and antagonists, where you might actually be tempted to join them. And my Dragon Lords series is no exception. Though the main genre will be dark fantasy, there will be both romance plots and other subplots that go beyond the main narrative.
Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you will enjoy the first installment in this new book series.

Lastly a thank you to my family, who have been supportive of me in doing this, and to those who took the time to beta read my first book “The Dragon Lord’s Medallion”.

– Mia L. Monza