A young woman in her early twenties, Eoin has lived a secluded life. Brought to an experimental facility at a young age, she has been part of a research program that focuses on the mind and brain. Specifically, how the brain can be used to manipulate matter and interact with the minds of others. As a result Eoin has poor social skills and only very little experience with independence.

Eoin should not be mistaken for a pushover, though she often observes her surroundings rather than interact with them. She has a highly developed sense of moral and empathy due to her unusual ability to read other people’s emotions. As a result of this she does have some trouble hiding her emotions and reacts strongly, when angered or embarrassed.

She has only little memory of her past, where she most notably remember her father and the medallion he gave her, when she was very young.


The younger feral dragon has been kept in captivity for several generations. Foul tempered and unpredictable it is feared and kept away from the other dragons. Many Enchanters have tried to tame the creature without any succes. They have also attempted to use it in breeding, but due to its fickle nature all attempts ended badly, and a lot of people were hurt. Still seen as a possible invaluable asset, Empress Ione insists on keeping the creature locked up. It remains in its cell, where no one dare go near it.

Gilbert Emmerick

A young and powerful Enchanter, Gilbert is the son of Empress Ione’s steward, Sir Emmerick. Willful and arrogant he believes himself to be destined for greatness and continuously seeks out opportunities, that can give him exactly that. These qualities are greatly encouraged by his father, though those two have a strained relationship.

He is a talented fighter and has great control of fire and telekinesis, which makes him a deadly combatant. Brought up in high society of the Enchanters, he has a great insight into how their world functions and connections with some of the most powerful men and women in their society.

He is known to be charming and resourceful, and though he seems entirely spoiled, many have experienced that there is something hidden beneath the surface.

Empress Ione

As empress of the Enchanters, Ione is highly revered among her people. Clever and an expert strategist she has managed to keep her reign peaceful. Unfortunately, she has only ever managed to maintain an uneasy truce with the people to the north, who are known to the Enchanters as The Black Ones. This means that she must seek out new alliances in order to keep their territory safe.

There are a lot of eyes watching her closely and expecting her to fail in her task. All the while distant family has gathered around her to watch her, since she has no heir. The empress knows that her entire future of her people rests on her shoulders, and she is expected to save them.

She is very powerful, even in her sickly state, and only very few are bold or stupid enough to take her on directly. As a master manipulator, however, it rarely comes to a physical confrontation and disputes are handled with… diplomacy.

Sarl Gares

As an advisor and general to Empress Ione, Sarl Gares is a seasoned officer, who has extensive knowledge. Other than his impressive skills in combat, he is also very wise and clever. It is his job to be several steps ahead of everyone else – a task he does not take lightly. His expertise makes him an excellent mentor in both combat and strategic advice.

Though Sarl can seem harmless, when you first meet him, it would be a mistake to underestimate him. Though not an Enchanter himself, his skills and ability to analyze his opponent makes him extremely dangerous. Only the most talented Enchanters should spar with him, and even then there is no guarantee that they will succeed.

As part of the Royal Guard, Sarl Gares wears armor and clothing that has him completely covered at all times. It also has the benefit of people being extremely weary of him.

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