The Enchanters:

Originating from Terra (Earth), the Enchanters are the descendants of people accused of being witches and warlocks during the dark ages. They were invited to flee to Terria by Aillil the Harmonic and joined the Dragon Lord’s society. They lived peacefully among them until the Dragon Lords vanished some decades later. Since then the Enchanters have taken over their territory and mines.

The Enchanters now control most of the southern world of Terria. Their social structure and politics are complex, but often it is kept very private from the rest of the world. Their current leader is the Imperial highness Ione Garnet, who is focused on keeping her people united and their empire strong. Therefor internal politics and alliances are kept very private to not seem weak to their enemies.

Marriage and politics

Their marriage laws are quite complex, as is the right of succession. They are technically allowed to marry whom they choose, regardless of gender, but if it does not contribute to their house, the match might not be openly accepted. It is more common for the parents or the leader of the house to choose the spouses. These are invaluable political alliances, but sometimes they are made to prevent internal unrest. In rare cases a marriage can be forced upon someone else. In these cases there are to be an evaluation by the Enchanters council, were both parties make a written statements as to why a marriage should or should not take place. This applies in situations, where there are two many heirs, who might compete among each other. The house leader might choose to force a marriage if their are more than two siblings, who can rightfully inherit their house.

An example is that an Enchanter has three children, who have all successfully completed the Enchanter’s trial. By law all children may inherit the family’s title and lands. To prevent rivalry between the heirs, the house leader can choose to enforce an arranged marriage with the youngest child. These types of marriages are usually made between two spouses of the same sex. The purpose is to create attractive family relations and alliances, but without the risk of them producing a legal heir, that might inside unrest within the family. Most commonly even these alliances occur without incident, as the youngest is usually handsomely compensated.

Arranged marriages are common for all Enchanters, and not just the youngest of the family. Though the oldest are expected to produce an heir and will therefore most often be paired with one of the opposite gender.

These internal and secret power shifts makes it very difficult for people outside the high ranking Enchanter society to keep up with the development of power within the empire.

Schooling and science.

Schooling is an important part of the Enchanters society. Knowledge about politics and engineering are especially valued, as an addition to the enhanced abilities of the mind. Where there are excellent schools and monasteries created with the task of giving the Enchanters the best education possible, it is not unheard of that Enchanters choose to teach their children themselves. This most often to ensure a deep loyalty towards one’s own house.

Taking after the Dragon Lords, they have a deep thirst for knowledge, but are a bit more conservative in putting them into practice. A lot of their research is hypothetical, as preserving their lifestyles remains at the core of who they are. Their political structure means that every major breakthrough has to be evaluated by the Enchanters Council. They decide if it would be beneficial for the entire society to implement. If a discovery is determined to not be put into practice, it is usually because it is deemed as a possible disruption to the Enchanters society. For that reason the Enchanters society has remained almost stagnant.

The Dragon Lords:

Little is known about the Dragon Lords this day. They were a race of humans who invite the Enchanters to take refuge in Terria and share their world with them. They used to be the ones in power for a long time and most of the cities and mines originally belonged to them.

Know as a noble and kind race, they were not as much rulers as they were mediators and law enforcers. Greatly respected among the other races they were seen as a voice of reason, and through their guidance most conflicts, that would have resulted in war had been avoided.

For many centuries the Dragon Lord’s has a thirst for all kinds of knowledge and exploration. This took them to a world that they named Terra, as it bore a close resemblance to their own homeworld Terria. They build portals that would take them to different parts of this new world. They attempted to get along with its people, but the volatile race calling themselves “man” seemed too young to comprehend, what the Dragon Lords attempted to teach them. After realising that their presence had a negative effect on the people of Terra, the Dragon Lords distanced themselves, and only very rarely visited the young world.

In present day the Dragon Lords have been gone for many centuries. The cause of their extinction is unknown, but there are mentions in old texts of sickness and internal conflicts that seemed to have caused their demise.

Their last known leader was Aillil the Harmonic.

The Quiscents:

The Quiescence are humans who does not have any enhanced brain function. Their can not control the crystals in any degree that is considered meaningful. Therefor they have become labourers or merchants. Merchants usually present the middle class, while the labourers are lower class. They work and keep shops among the Enchanters, but their status is often made quite visible. Marriage between Quiescents and Enchanters are incredibly rare, and Quiescent children born of Enchanters are usually kept in hiding by their families, or adopted by one of the servants.

Quiescents seem to be the mostly widespread faction of humans, but this is possibly due to the fact that very few have the possibility of discovering their powers. The most prestiges option for a Quiescent born Enchanter is to serve as a guard and law-enforcer. Their training most commonly takes place at a school or monastery.

Quiescents have been known to riot from time to time, as their contribution to society is commonly overlooked by the Enchanters Council. Most notedly inventors and businessmen seem to have trouble with the council, when their wares or ideas seem to out of place for the Enchanters liking. Other times work conditions might be addressed in these riots and protest. These are most often resolved quite peacefully as the Enchanters value peace within their own borders.

The Kobolds:

“Kobolds” is a term used for people, who serve the Enchanters. They live in family groups close to where they work. Some live at the estate they work at, where others live in either the Dark District in Al’draigh or in house in the smaller villages. They are dressed in robes and clothes that cover their entire body – even their face.

They are excellent workers and miners, and though they are not prestiges they are valued by the Enchanters society as a whole. On an individual level, they are considered lower than the Quiescent. Usually they are bound to one household or business by contract, but they are not slaves. They are paid and when their contract is up, they can choose to serve elsewhere. It is very rare for a Kobold to seek employment elsewhere, as they typically have been with their contractors since young childhood. They are seen as being extremely loyal and hardworking.

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